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Augusta Advisory Group provides a variety of services, in each case customized to the particular client and situation. Among the services offered:

graphs and chartsBusiness Advisory Services

AAG provides long-term and project-based advisory services, including advising on mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, business plans, and expansion strategies.



drawing social network structurePre-Planning for Liquidity Events

Often private or small public companies do not have the in-house expertise or bandwidth to adequately explore, evaluate and manage major strategic events, such as a potential sale of the company. AAG adds substantial value by working directly for the board and/or shareholders,  advising on how to prepare the company for sale, assisting in hiring and managing investment bankers and attorneys, and serving as the owners’ advocate through the sale process.


handshakeMediation; Board and Partner Dispute Resolution

With a unique combination of legal, operational, board and executive leadership experience, AAG is very effective at finding solutions to complex business disputes, particularly disputes involving multiple parties, both inside and outside the context of litigation.



interim-CEO-servicesInterim CEO Services

AAG can provide interim CEO services to address an acute need,  such as turnarounds, restructurings, liquidity event execution, or bridging a gap in succession planning.



special projectsSpecial Projects

AAG welcomes a challenge. Often we bring a fresh perspective to an existing problem, which when combined with our skill, knowledge and perseverance, leads to a result that is even better than what was hoped for.

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